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How you can registered yourself with Niyuddha


Welcome at Niyuddha Family

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Why you are not have your UserID and Password?

May be you are not the member of World Niyuddha Federation.
May be you loss your membership with Niyuddha.
Perhaps your Master (Niyuddha Guru) not send your details and you haven't your password from WNF.


What you do for Login in Member's aria?

Registered your Membership From World Niyuddha Federation directly. 
Its really free.

Send following information's by e-mail and by post:-

1- Name- 
2- Father/Husband Name 
3- education (attach proof) 
4- Date of birth 
5- Postal Address 
6- e-mail address 
7- Present rank (attach proof) 
8- Passport size photo.
9- What you want when you register with us- Studentship/Master level/ Unit affiliation

Send above details as following both address. Attention that send above details on both addresses-

For Postal

World Niyuddha Federation
A/12, Yashodharman Nagar, Sunjeet Road 
Mandsaur M.P. 458001 INDIA

For E-Mail



What you got when you registered yourself with Niyuddha-

1- Online lessons for Niyuddha- ancient Indian Martial Arts
2- Niyuddha- the e-magazine Quarterly
3- Identity card and membership certificate
4- Invitation for special coaching camps, Championship         information etc
5- Progress reports and CR of your niyuddha life
6- and so much more


Niyuddha Guru are also got their all summary of their Niyuddha life with all progress details

So Join Niyuddha soon with your valid registration.



Niyuddha is not a martial art, it is a life style.


Send mail to mail@niyuddha.com with questions or comments about this web site.
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